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We are now taking bookings for 2015

We can host visits all year round, for all age groups,

please call us to discuss!!

"I hear and I forget,
I see and I remember,
I do and I understand"

Confucius, Chinese philosopher,

551 - 479 BC

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Winmarleigh CE Primary School
enjoying their day out with us!

Visit: Winmarleigh CE Primary School



We are very proud to have been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, which sits alongside our CEVAS accreditation!!

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The Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, recognising providers of quality, safely managed educational experiences for young people.

The Quality Badge was launched in 2009 as a brand new scheme, combining for the first time learning and safety into one easily recognisable badge for all organisations

It is a real stamp of approval that the activities we offer young people are recognised as being of high quality. We have always worked closely with local schools and youth groups to provide quality learning in a safe environment. We know that children really benefit from these important experiences and it’s great to have all our hard work recognised in this way.

The Quality Badge was developed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. Badges are awarded by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

For more information about the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, please visit LOTC quality badge.

Our Visits

A visit to Old Holly Farm is a unique opportunity for young minds to explore the countryside - discovering its inhabitants and its agricultural importance. This provides an ideal prospect for educational visits to encourage cross - curricular learning across a broad range of ages from pre-school upwards. Old Holly Farm also offers an excellent opportunity to enhance for the lives of all young students, but especially those who may not otherwise have access to enjoy the countryside.

Old Holly Farm is working to support the government agency campaign Think Food and Farming, and focus our activities around these learning experiences. We are also a member of FACE (Farming And Countryside Education) which is a charity who work to inspire children to learn more about food, farming and countryside. You may have seen Bill Bailey introducing FACE on the TV recently.

Click on the image below to be taken to the Think Food and Farming and FACE websites>>>


Secondary School and College Visits
We also love working with older students, who may want to learn about diversifcation and what that means to farming, families and the local economy and population. Typically this will support learning in Geography, Business Studies, Social as well as Agricultural subjects.

For more information please contact Alison on

Health and Safety

We work hard to ensure that all our customers are safe when visiting our farm, especially school visits. As part of the booking process we provide a thorough risk assessment and information pack free of charge. We also invite you along for a free of charge pre-visit where we can talk through the visit, health and safety and any particular requests.

For information regarding E. coli 0157 please visit our Animals page.

Useful links and info>>>


A Typical visit - includes being able to touch, smell and learn about traditional farm animals in a safe controlled environment; the opportunity to learn about dairy farming and where milk comes from; a classroom based craft activity; and a session in our indoor Playbarn to burn off some energy and have some fun!

We use our stand alone classroom, with its own toilet and wash facilities which provides an excellent base for your trip whilst on the farm.

The team who run your visit will manage the timings and organisation of your day, and you will be provided with a timetable a few days before your visit. The team will also advise the group when to wash their hands, but we are more than happy to work around individual requirements.
Planning your visit - Teachers are encouraged to pre-visit the farm, which is free of charge to maximize the educational potential of the school visit and see what we have on offer. We can help produce worksheets or packs to ensure you get the most from your visit. Written risk assessments for school visits have been completed by Old Holly Farm, however it is important that school's produce their own prior to the visit.

Group numbers - please be advised that the maximum number of children we can take is 36 children in one visit. If you would like to bring a larger number then please call us to discuss.

Please be aware that we will not compromise the quality, safety and overall experience of the childrens visit.

Timings - We will work around the needs of your school and distance you have to travel, but a normal visit runs for around 4 hours, from 10am to 2pm.

Price - Depending on the length of your visit, and the activities included, a normal visit costs £6 per child. Adults and entry to the farm is free.

Please contact us on 01524 791200 or email us at and ask for more details.